Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    Problem Identification & Validation

    • Creating an idea

    • Case study: NIS

    • Case Study: Greymeter

    • Case Analysis: AHA Taxis

    • Case Study: Wedgift

    • Need for Validation: NIS

    • Validation - Market Survey

    • Assessment 2: Test your learning

    • Project 2

    • Mentorship Session

  • 3

    Building your Startup

    • Case Study: MyCuteOffice

    • Scalability: AHA Taxis

    • Case Study: Uno Finance

    • Assessment 3: Test your learning

    • Project 3

    • Mentorship Session

  • 4


    • Promotion

    • Guest Session: Greymeter

    • Sales

    • Assessment 4: Test your learning

    • Project 4

    • Mentorship Session

  • 5

    Business Plan

    • Business Plan

    • Managing in a Crisis

    • Guest Session: Pivoting with Sqrrl

    • Guest Session: Managing in a crisis with Ockypocky

    • Assessment 5: Test your learning

    • Project 5

    • Mentorship Session

  • 6


    • Stages of Funding

    • Guest Session: Fundraising stages with Uno Finance

    • Valuation

    • Guest Session: Fundraising fundamentals with Investor Durjay Puri

    • Assessment 6: Test your learning

    • Project 6

    • Mentorship Session

  • 7

    Accounting & Legal Issues

    • Legal & Accounting Issues

    • Assessment 7: Test your learning

    • Mentorship Session

  • 8

    Pitching your startup

    • Pitching to Investors

    • Qacoo Pitch Deck

    • Assessment 8: Test your learning

    • Project 8

    • Additional Resource - Funding Your Startup: And Other Nightmares

    • Mentorship Session

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Professor Dhruv Nath


Currently Professor at MDI Gurgaon, a Director with Lead Angels & an Angel Investor. Formerly a Senior Vice President with NIIT Ltd, he has been a consultant to the top management of several organisations like Glaxo, Gillette, Nestle, IOCL etc. Dr. Nath has a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering and PhD in Computer Science both from IIT Delhi.

Sushanto Mitra


Sushanto Mitra is the first CEO of SINE – IIT B and a former Director at Hyderabad Angels. HE co founded Lead Angels with two other colleagues from IIT Bombay. He comes with over 20+ years of experience in Financial Services and the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

Suman Sengupta


Mr. Suman Sengupta, Head - Professional Services, is a senior Chartered Accountant with 20 years of experience in finance, strategic planning & control. He has experience across Industrial, Telecom & IT sectors with companies like Siemens, Greaves Cotton and Idea.

Guest Faculty

Samant Sikka

Founder & CEO, Sqrrl

Durjay Puri

Angel Investor, Lead Angels

Amit Agrawal

Founder & CEO, Ockypocky

Watch Intro Video

Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri

Director IIT Bombay

"This is a welcome initiative from Angel Investors to share business skills especially during current times. I wish your program all the best and hope that it creates many more successful entrepreneurs for Startup India."

SINE - Business Incubator

IIT Bombay

"We have seen early stage entrepreneurs lack basic understanding of core requirements of starting up. The content of 'Startup Essentials Course' may help potential entrepreneurs to get this understanding. The core focus of Lead Angels is into Angel Investing space, & hence the people attending the course may also get good insights into investment in early stage startups and also help them fine tune their business model."
SINE, IIT Bombay

Prof. Abhay Karandikar

Director IIT Kanpur

"I am happy to know Lead Angels is organising online training programs for startups. In the current situation it will be useful for angel investors to share business skills to young startups. I wish you all the success and hope that it creates more successful entrepreneurs for a better India."

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Lead Angels?

    Lead Angels, is the one stop shop for startups! Originally an Angel Network from IIT Bombay, is today a full stack financial services company for startups. They have built a strong process driven investment approach & provide 360 degree support across all stages of startups & stellar returns for their investor members.

  • Is this a pre-recorded or interactive course?

    This course is taught in a learning cycle with pre recorded sessions using cases, assignments along with interactive classes to clear all doubts and make sure that learning is practical

  • Do I need to have a start-up idea for this course?

    No, it is not necessary to have a start-up idea to register for the course. We will get you started on the journey of entrepreneurship and help you come up with your own idea, validate the market and pitch it to real angel investors to get feedback! We encourage both people with an idea and those who without an idea.

  • What will I learn from the course?

    You will learn how to start a company, right from getting the idea & validating and executing it, to scaling it, promoting it, funding it, managing it in a crisis and all other aspects from real life case studies.

  • Will I get a certificate at the end of course?

    Certificates will be awarded to all those who complete the course.

  • Do I get to meet Angel Investors?

    Yes, through the program you will not only get to meet Angel Investors, but also get to pitch to them! They are there to give you feedback on your startup pitch & some of them will be mentoring you along the way to help build your idea!